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usage of the community center for events and information for new members of the community. 

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The town of Luzerne has a community center that can be rented by anyone to use. Click for more information.

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Mayor: John Brandt

     Phone: 319-434-6436


Council Member: Dwight Glinsmann

     Phone: 319-434-3167


Council Member: Kelly Kendall

     Phone: 319-444-3501


Council Member: Lorin Potter

     Phone: 319-434-6328


Council Member: Patrick McLeod

     Phone: 319-310-5725


Council Member: Barb Shields

     Phone: 319-444-3670


City Clerk: Jan Kendall

     Phone: 319-444-3501


Fire Chief: Dan Martin

     Phone: 319-444-3649